Transformer Oil Purification  
  Oil Filtration and Purification plant  

To obtain good performance from electric transformers, the insulating oil should be free from moisture, dissolved gases and particles. Even new oils require some treatment to limit these contents to suitable levels. A contaminated oil loses its characteristics of dielectric strengths, resistively and loss factor. Moisture in addition favors acid and sluge formation.

The CEE DEE insulating oil treatment equipment has been designed specifically for the filtration, dehydration and degassing of the insulting oils used with transformers, electric cables, switch gears etc.

Skid Mounted High Vacuum Insulating Oil Filter Plant Mobile - TRANSFORMER OIL FILTRATION PLANT
Main characteristics
Capacity from 50 LPH to 10,000 LPH
Easy to clean inlet mesh filter to catch hold coarse dirt
Standard efficiency 1 Micron cartridge filter.
Heat exchange through very low specific power electric heaters.
Degassing column with either single, two or three stage version.
Vacuum Pump set with rotary vane vacuum pump and roots pump to improve the vacuum pumping speed.
Compact easy to operate equipment supplied with pneumatic wheels for an easy transport on roads
Optional Features
A condenser to send the most volatile oil fractions which might distil back to the column.
An exhaust condenser to measure the extracted water
Digital temperature measurement.
Digital precision vacuum gauge Digital flow meter
Digital inline moisture and gas content meter
Ionic reaction columns to remove the acidity from the oil
Audio / Visible fault announcement system
PLC control system
Electric Power Generating Plant Chemical Plants
Power Distribution and Transmission facilities Steel Mills
Paper mills EDM Machines
Refineries Semiconductors plants etc.

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